Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall in Wyoming

The Mamas
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I'm visiting Wyoming for a few weeks. Sneaking in the summer vacation I didn't get to have this summer. This fall visit may become an annual visit though. For one thing, I'm closing down the cabin for my parents. Yes, this is the first year I'm going through with the full close out on my own. Another reason, the fall is a spectacular time to visit. It's full of dramatic weather turns, cloudy one moment, snowing the next, and then beautiful and warm sunshine. It's a pleasure to see such familiar views under light dusting of snow. The quality of light is different, and of course the vegetation and animals look different too. Lastly, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet around here, without droves of rv's, cars and motorcycles barrelling down the highway in front of our cabin. It is hunting season right now so there are a lot of orange hats, but that doesn't really affect me much other than a crowd at Dirty Annie's, otherwise they get up so early and are up on the mountain all day, way off the roads.

I brought Apra with me, to keep me company and give her the opportunity to see another part of the US she's never been to. My parents were here for a few days before we arrived so they two mamas got to spend some time together, swapping stories, recipes and bragging about their children.