Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It's been ages since I posted on the blog - am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! So much has happened, but I'll catch us up a little....Let's start with April 7, 2011. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary - wow! It's so admirable to know people who have been married to each other for 50 years. It's extraordinary to know a couple who has not only maintained their marriage for so long, but still clearly enjoy each other's company. They still laugh at each other's jokes. They miss the other when they've been apart for a few hours. They come up with new nicknames for each other. Last summer my mom was "Mamakutsi" and Dad was "Ra" all summer because they listened to the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency stories on tape on their drive to Wyoming. I've tried many many times to take their pictures, but my Dad always looks like he's mad and my mom looks like it's a mugshot. This time (above) I snuck up on them - with a big daddy lens borrowed from my friend Shawna. I was standing about 50 feet from them which allowed my Dad to pretend he didn't see me taking a picture of him, and my mom is basically thinking "what is she doing?", SNAP!