Friday, December 15, 2006

What I want for Christmas

Today our AmeriCorps grant went out into the ether of e-Grants....That's what I want for Christmas, funding for the next three years. Other things that would be nice:

  • a house that runs itself without our having to maintain it
  • landscaping for our yard
  • 4 day weekends so we can run around having fun and being busy for 2 days, then lounge around the house for two days (instead of one OR the other)
  • electronic equipment that can read my mind and never needs recharging
  • a self vacuuming car (hey, we have a self cleaning oven...)
  • clean air every day

And of course, peace on earth, healthy friends and family, and lots of love and laughter. Did I mention funding for the next three years...


maureen said...

Carla, your blog is great!!!
How about them Saints???

Carla Dallas said...

thanks Maureen!