Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Making Hallacas Alone is No Fun

Sofia and Shawna folding and tying
This year, against my better judgement, we decided to make Hallacas. I say against my better judgement because Ricardo's cousin was going to come and make them with us, we've only made them once, and when she canceled her plans to visit I felt it was too much for us to handle. Well, thanks to wonderful friends, the Anderson-Gilly family and the Ehrlicher family...we made Hallacas! Making them basically became the pre-party to the New Year celebration party. They came our very yummy, although we're going to have to tweak the masa recipe for the vegetarian version. Everyone seemed to have fun and we made over 70 hallacas!! Woo hoo!!! The next day was the 31st and we had a good little party. Smaller than in the past but a lot of fun because I actually got to sit down and visit with guests and really enjoy the party. Hannah and Sofia each invited some of their friends and a good time was had by all. Happy New Year!


Mrs Coetser said...

There are some things you should try at least once.

What are Hallacas?

Carla Dallas said...

Hallacas are a traditional Christmas dish made in Venezuela where my husband is from, they are cooked in plantain leaves.