Sunday, February 03, 2008

Alamo Plaza Courts

One day, trolling around in flickr, I found a picture of a postcard of the Alamo Plaza Courts! I just HAD to take this picture and show how it looks now. Aparently this was part of a 5 or 6 motel chain in the south/west. It's still a really cool building even though it's fallen into disrepair. The facade, and more importantly the sign is still in good condition. I'm hoping that someone will purchase and revive it since it's so close to the now plush Hotel Belmont.


brucesw said...

Hi Carla - interesting that there was one in Dallas. I thought I had read they tended to all be located on US 90 or 90A, the transcontinental highway from San Augustine to San Diego that was the forerunner of I-10. It was also known as the Old Spanish Trail, abbreviated to OST in Houston. The one in Houston is being renovated into apartments - we were very concerned it was going to be razed.

Here's an article with more:

There's also been quite a discussion in the Historic Houston forum on

Hope y'all get to keep yours, too.

Carla said...

hey Bruce, thanks for the links, very very interesting! I think the future MAY be bright for the Alamo Plaza here. It's very near to a new development that took another falling down motel and turned it into an upscale boutique motel, very cool, it's called the Belmont Motel. I hope hope hope that maybe someone will pick up the Alamo and do the same, it's only a block from the Belmont.