Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drive or No Drive

Drive or No Drive
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The girls are taking drivers ed this summer. As usual, they are so different in their approach to any task! Both of them want to know how to drive, but only Sofia wants to *learn* how to drive. After the first few days Sofie had pages of notes, and Hannah has a really accurate drawing of the teacher, and funny quotes from his "lectures" ("if you need to ligurgitate pull over"), perhaps this is a helpful hint for drinking and driving? I'll have to look up "ligurgitate" though, that's a new one.

We have no plans to purchase a car for these fabulous up and coming new drivers. For now, the girls of the house will be sharing one cute little volkswagon beetle...although I do have my eye on a vespa....

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Dee said...

Wow! I had a Mom flashback when I saw this. My daughters took a totally different approach to driving as well. They are so cute here with that VW Bug! Stay calm Mom, they will get there!