Monday, March 04, 2013

USE IT UP With Heart

Heart Art Installation - Using up a glossy magazine

Frugal February is officially over, and was a great success! Find out more here. Marching on! Please forgive that, I have a tendency towards cheeziness and alliteration (Mend-it March was sorely tempting). Well, this month I am changing course to a less practical and more reflective iteration of my USE IT UP theme.

On the month that promises springtime and new beginnings, I'm taking a look at my relationships and social connections. I will be using up some Social Capital, both generating it, sharing what I have, and accepting what's offered to me. Social Capital involves social and interpersonal human networks of exchange, interaction and support. Having worked my entire career in the field of education and human development it's really easy to feel like "I already do that at work". I'm resisting that this month and am going to USE UP some of my artistic and interpersonal skills in a more social way. You see, my independence and self-sufficiency can isolate me, and while I don't feel lonely, I do feel insulated at times.

So, my goals for a heart-filled USE IT UP March are as follows:

* engage in positive social experiences and exchanges
* practice and accept random acts of kindness
* communicate love and regard for the lovelies in my life
* ask for and offer forgiveness
* practice generosity by identifying a cause to contribute to for the rest of the year

If I think of other things as I go along - you'll hear about it!

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Ann R said...

I love this wall art. Not only is it great looking, but I love the message that it sends.