Thursday, May 09, 2013

Fix it Up

my stack of repairs and sewing box - put to use!

Well, the April month of repair turned out to be only 2 weeks due to a heavy travel schedule at work. Nonetheless I have made a start, and have a nicely organized list to keep me on track to repairing what I have. What I have learned from these efforts:

  1. It really irritates me to wear something torn, even if it is just a loose hem, or a hole in my pocket. Why not take a few minutes to do something about it? Well, it seems to be one of those tasks that could always be pushed to "later". I needed a system!
  2. Setting about to repair something forces me to asses whether it is worth keeping at all. If it's not worth repairing then it's not worth keeping. Several things went that way!
  3. It doesn't take that long once you get organized. Once I sat down with my little stack it took maybe 20 minutes to repair 7 items while I watched a movie.
I now have a basket for clothing that needs repairing. It's in my closet right next to my laundry since I think of repairs usually when I am either getting dressed or undressed. Once that basket gets full, I'm going to repair. The mere act of putting something in that basket makes me feel productive. 

So, as I have learned with all this Use it UP stuff, the monthly challenges are about creating awareness in myself. They are a good idea, even when I realize that it takes longer to really put it into practice. But not having a challenge sort of lets the thing wander aimlessly. Therefore, I've decided to continue on with the fixing thing throughout May. 

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Anonymous said...

I'll be brining my navy t-shirts down for some repair. so clear your schedule