Saturday, March 08, 2008

We met Hillary Clinton!

(that's Rob Reiner behind me under the no smoking sign!)

On Super Tuesday, after voting (I was number 117) I had a chance to meet Hillary Clinton! Ricardo told me that he was told she would be at Herrera's restaurant during the lunch hour. So, we went there and sure enough a bunch of supporters, photographers, camera crews and pols there there! We ate lunch, I had enchiladas, he had papas con huevos...and in she comes! It was fascinating to watch and feel the buzz of excitement in the room. It's amazing to think this is her day to day experience right now. She didn't eat, she walked in and worked the room, talking to each and every person who wanted to shake her hand, get her autograph or take a picture with her. That has to be exhausting! I saw her on the news later in the day, in the same red suit and silver Houston in the morning and Ohio in the evening. I voted for Hillary but was really torn. I would be happy with either Hillary or Obama. I'm really curious to see who finally makes it! I'm proud to be able to choose between a woman and an African American. If either one of them won it would only be the second candidate I voted for who wins a presidential election.

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