Wednesday, June 04, 2008

End of the School Year

These three "happy campers" have a lot to celebrate! This pic was taken on TAG Prom Night, which only Sofia attended. Hannah played fairy godmother to Sofia and her friend Kim, putting on their makeup and reassuring them that they looked fabulous (which they did!). This has been a big school year for Hannah and even moreso for Sofia. Hannah got through some really tough classes (we're still waiting for the final grades but are hoping for the big finish!), think Advanced Placement Pre-Calculus as well as Advanced Placement Physics...yikes. This was Sofia's big 9th grade year. She discovered that she really likes computer science and that English is not so bad after all....As for Ricardo, really big news, his school "made it" to Recognized. This is HUGE, and has been 7 years in the making. So, as always, even though things often feel chaotic, out of control, and time slips out of my hands at an alarming rate....I do have a lot to feel thankful for.


Dee said...

You do have a blessed life, Carla! I think things look very nice on the blog. I would just tweek very few things (try and change to letter recognition for your comments, it has saved my blog, seriously!

Carla Dallas said...

thanks! I tried to make it easier for people to post comments, especially folks who don't have a blog. What's the rationale for the letter recognition?