Friday, September 19, 2008

Cupcake Madness

Cupcake Madness
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We were going to have a nice birthday get together last Saturday, but the hurricane-like weather prognosis made us decide to cancel. When the weather turned out fine, we decided to have a mini-get together of just us Virgo' this case Kim, Sofia, Tristyn and myself. I sold a picture and bought myself a cake pan that makes ONE GIANT CUPCAKE, as a birthday present to myself! Our first try was a bit of a disaster because I was not very patient in letting the cake cool. You can see how we have a ribbon tied around it to hold the thing together...It was DELICIOUS though, and the cupcake was perfect for this little team of Virgo's.


Dee said...

I have had my eye on that cake pan...So funny how much we have in common, Chica! I would try that ribbon trick too. Good save!

Anonymous said...

I've made two cakes so far, using the recipe that comes with the pan. They were delish but a visual DISASTER, the second one moreso than the first...yes, the one in the pic is the "good one", yikes! Anwyay, I will not let this cake pan beat me!!!!!I think it's my convection oven's fault, it's too hot, too fast. I'm going to try in my regular oven next time...will report back!