Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking your picture for my phone

I feel so old saying this...things were SO DIFFERENT when I was a kid! I know that I was constantly on the family phone when I was a teenager, it's part of the family lore--especially the time when my dad left for the office one Saturday morning walking over me sprawled on the floor, talking to my boyfriend...and returned many hours later to find me exactly where he left me. Still, I wasn't CONNECTED to the phone in such a personal way. The girls stress out if they don't have their phone on them at all times, and are constantly checking messages, sending texts, taking pictures... we even have (way too many) rules about phone use, in an effort to curb its overwhelming presence. 1) no phone at the dinner table, and no I don't care who is calling, 2) no phone after 10pm, and no I don't care who is calling, 3)if you don't answer MY calls, I'm taking up your phone.

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Dee said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this issue. Last week I pulled out my phone & showed my stylist a photo of my cat...he asked me if I ever thought I'd be doing that? He's our age & thought the whole thing was funny! Afterwards I had to agree. Life & technology just keep evolving!