Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Am Not A Genius

image from the Sugar and Spice blog on Frugal February

Just for kicks I Googled "frugal february". Boy was I surprised to see a whole lot of links, including one from someone in their 7th year of Frugal February! But wait, how can that possibly be when I thought of that idea all on my own just last month? some kind of weird time-travel-vulcan-mind-meld thing I guess. So here are the highlights I've culled from all these other copy-cat February spendthrifts:

  1. Why February? other than drive people mad with your alliterative corniness - there are some darned good reasons - mine was that it's a short month :)
  2. Using a spreadsheet budget to see where you get spendy and therefore measure your savings during Frugal February. I am pretty much on a cash only basis for all miscellaneous purchases so this made it easy to keep track of for me. 
  3. Questions for taking inventory so that you can best use up what you already have rather than buying more. Taking inventory was actually my first step in my whole USE IT UP campaign.  
  4. Saving on food, especially if you like organic and expensive food like I do.

Sometimes I need to rustle around the interweb for ideas to get and keep me motivated. Now I'm really determined to have a Frugal February!

PS. luckily my bar is stocked so I didn't need to go the no drinking route... :)

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