Monday, February 04, 2013

Making My Own Stuff

My home made granola! (recipe)

There's something satisfying and self sufficient about making things instead of buying them over and over. And, it comes in very handy during Frugal February! For the past year or so I've been making my own granola and yogurt. I also recently started making flavored syrups for the soda machine (ginger orange is my favorite so far, followed by the basil flavor). As I run out of cleaning supplies I've been trying to find simple, home made replacements. That has led me to making citrus vinegar cleaning spray, make up remover, dishwasher soap, foaming soap (a great success!), stain remover, "windex", and this weekend I finally got to make laundry detergent which I'm really excited about! So far everything has worked really well, except for the dishwasher soap, I'll try another recipe once I use this one up. Other things I'm going to try my hand at are fabric softner/dryer sheets, shampoo, and deodorant (yep, I'm going there). What pleases me the most is how much I've reduced the amount of packaging I bring into my life. Oh, and it's pretty frugal - the laundry soap ends up costing about $2.00 for 140 loads!


Anonymous said...

Thrift stores are a great way to recycle & save - you give away your old stuff and buy other peoples old stuff. Peggy H

Michelle Mackin said...

The granola is the bomb! I made my veggie broth after your idea. I get points for making homemade dog food with the venison scraps. Costs me about $25 for 10 weeks. Bagged kibble costs $50 and lasts my horse 4 weeks. Vet says he's super healthy.

Carla Denton said...

I've seen a dog and he is aptly named, Angus like a cow - big sweet guy! Yes, you do get many points for the dogfood!