Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cafe and Bakery

Cafe and Bakery
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This is one of our favorite little places to get a snack in Dallas. I try to take out of town guests here because it's so much fun and is a little unexpected in Dallas, TX!

It has some delicious little pastries such as red bean donuts and egg sandwiches and rice flour donuts with sesame seeds on them. They also have all sorts of fruit slushies, hot and cold teas and bubble (tapioca) teas--the all time favorite!!!! The BEST part about it is the little tea-rooms you can have all to yourself. Each one is different but is like a mini-living room or dining room for you to eat/drink your goodies. It's loads of fun, the kids love it because they get their own room (although they always end up cramming into ours because they are so nosy about our conversation...)


Francesca said...

Where is that? I live in Dallas and it sounds great.

Carla said...

hey francesca, from downtown, take 35 north, exit Royal Lane to the right and look right (it's before you pass Harry Hines). Enjoy and let me know how it goes!