Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pictures and Words

The moon rising over downtown Dallas tonight - one of those sights that's so much more spectacular in person!

I have just discovered the world of photo blogs and I'm hooked! Being able to capture a moment in time, or a great scene is one of life's great pleasures. Putting up pictures is one of the things that attracted me to blogging in the first place. My first love is still words though! The combination of words and they say in the famous ad...priceless...

You have to check out the Dallas Photo blog, actually both of them: and

And on either of them you can see a list of other city photo blogs, the ones I saved were Edinburgh (there's no Aberdeen, so this is my Scottish fix), Mumbai (the colors!), Oulu Finland (this one captures the BEST images), Paris (for Shawna!), Port Vila (because there wasn't a Guam and this was in the 'vicinity'), Seguin, TX (for that small town TX bit), and Wailea (to remind me of my trip there with Sofia).

Earlier this year a small group of us started a sort of book club based on "The Artist's Way" book. It was so much fun! We only had a few meetings and then summer got in the way, and then our group was DECIMATED by two of the 5 members moving out of Dallas (we miss you Gretchen and Milena!!!). The goal I set myself has already come about, I wanted to write more. I set that as my artistic goal and totally internalized it, to such a degree that even though I didn't really think about the goal anymore I started writting! First one blog, then another...(home and work) and then started writing some letters...and now I have an idea for a Spanish language column I'm thinking about. That's a lot bigger committment but I'm really interested in trying it out. And then there's school....

I had left a PhD hanging a few years, I'm not going back and getting my PhD...rather than leave it as a bunch of coursework I would like to go back and turn it into a second Master's degree. That would also involve some writing....maybe not as fun as this! So, I guess I'm a writer again. Or maybe I never stopped being one, I just like to add pictures now.

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