Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time Flew!

Jason, Shawna, Ricardo, Edgar and Carla at our Thanksgiving table.
Wow! What happened? Well, Happy Thanksgiving...we stayed here in Dallas for once and really enjoyed NOT having to face the drive, although we all missed the Lousiana family! Normally we don't mind driving, but Thanksgiving is just CRAZY with traffic...the 6 hour drive to Lafayette turns into 9 hours, the 3 hours to Austin becomes 5 or's very aggravating!

So, we stayed in Dallas, and had Shawna, Jason, Trystin and Forest over; as well as Nayi, Edgar, Lupe and Duli. The girls really outdid themselves making some of "Abu's" recipes, and between what we cooked and what everyone brought we had quite a feast. The best part as always was the after dinner conversation that lasted into the night!

We had a great time on the other days home, going to movies, hanging out, cleaning the house, sleeping and reading. Then the rude awakening on Monday! My grant deadline rapidly interim deadline is this Friday and then the final deadline is December 15th--I can't wait!

Oh! and on Sunday we had our first Parranda performance! We were kind of nervous, it was an early morning event (hey, 9am is early to me...) and so the first performance was kind of shaky. By the 11am performance we were warmed up and did so much better! Thank you Unity Church for inviting us!

Ok, I'll get back to posting more regularly. I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and is gearing up for a good Christmas and New Year!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys invited us to join you for Thanksgiving. We all had so much fun. Everything was done up really nice. I love that you used our names in the posting. It makes me feel like I'm on the local version of E!NEWS.

Anonymous said...

Let's call it D!NEWS